Dispose of Propane Tanks Right

Propane tanks should NEVER be placed in your curbside recycling.

Large Propane (Grill) Tanks
There are retail locations that offer a free recycling program for 20# grill tanks. If you have a gas grill propane tank that you no longer need and would like to properly dispose of, take it to any area Blue Rhino or Tank Traderslocation. The companies will collect the tank and refurbish it if possible or, if the tank does not meet the company's safety and quality standards, they will recycle the tank. Any standard 20# grill tank is accepted, including other brands. Follow the instructions posted on the propane cage located outside of the store. You can write “RECYCLE” on the tank.

Empty 20# propane cylinders can also be refilled or exchanged at some retail shops. Check with your preferred store for details.

Small Propane Tanks
Unfortunately, there are no good disposal options for small propane or butane canisters for a camp stove, lantern, or torch (usually 2# or less). The canisters are non-refillable and most scrap metal yards will not accept them for recycling.

If you are 110% sure the canister is empty of all material, it can be discarded in the trash. Make sure the canister is empty by attaching it to the device it is used with and allowing the gas to run until it's gone. Or use a special tool to decompress the item and make sure all of the gas is released. Small propane cylinders and flammable canisters are responsible for many truck fires each year. If there’s a chance there is still some gas in the canister, it is a fire hazard and can explode when compressed. Due to the risk, the District prefers that consumers keep or hold canisters until a better solution is developed. 


Residents with small propane tanks can also contact the Solid Waste District for additional disposal options. Matt Walters can be reached at (216) 698-7595 or by email.

If you have small propane tanks that are new or lightly used, consider donating them to a Scout troop, camping club, or other outdoor organization in your area. They may be able to use the fuel for their programs.

Other Tanks
Refrigerant gas, welding tanks, and medical cylinders should be disposed of or recycled through the company it was purchased or received from. Learn more about helium and oxygen tanks.

Local businesses that recycle tanks and other gas cylinders include Airgas. Contact the location closest to you. You may also be able to recycle empty tanks at a scrap metal yard.

Businesses must contract with a licensed environmental services company for proper disposal or recycling. For business locations, see the list of options below.


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