Dispose of Helium and Oxygen Tanks Right

Do not put helium or oxygen tanks in your curbside recycling or trash.

Helium Tanks

Empty helium balloon tanks that were purchased from a retail store should be punctured and recycled at a local scrap metal yard. You may receive a rebate. Follow the disposal instructions that came with the tank or see these instructions from Balloon Time.


Helium tanks are not accepted in Cuyahoga County's household hazardous waste disposal program.

Oxygen Tanks

Medical cylinders should be disposed or recycled through the company it was purchased or received from. Check with your medical supplier for details about their takeback or exchange program. They will accept oxygen tanks that were purchased from them. 

SCUBA tanks should be returned to the dive shop, tank supplier or place of purchase.

If you are unable to determine where the oxygen tank came from, recycle the tank at a scrap metal yard near you.  Determine if the tank is aluminum or stainless steel (magnets stick to stainless steel, not aluminum). Find a scrap metal yard by searching the Yellow Pages with your zip code. Call ahead to confirm that they accept stainless steel or aluminum tanks. You can also try AAA Gas Supply, ABC Fire and Air Gas Great Lakes for cylinder recycling options. 

Learn more about propane tanks.



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