~ Introducing the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District’s new business recognition program for 2023. ~

Business Resource Champion of Cuyahoga County Program


Recognizing Cuyahoga County businesses who have made a strong commitment to eliminating waste sent to landfills, while reducing the amount of waste generated through recycling and composting, helping to keep valuable materials in circulation. 

Let's celebrate your organizational commitment to a clean environment! Tell us about your successes and receive recognition as Business Resource Champion of Cuyahoga County.


Set yourself apart from other businesses, contribute to your ESG goals, help attract and retain employees for your environmental efforts, and reduce your business operating costs.


Our certification program highlights and celebrates businesses in Cuyahoga County that are focused on waste reduction, recycling, composting, upcycling, and creating a world without waste.


The program offers certification in seven different business categories and has four different recognition levels.

How Does the Business Resource Champion Program Work?

  • Download the category checklist document with certification requirements that pertain to your business. See Business Categories list below.
  • Review the requirements for your Business Category.
  • Submit the application. A pre-certification meeting will be scheduled to review the requirements. 
  • Complete the required actions, plus a minimum number of additional actions, to receive certification. 
  • Request a site visit. A certification site visit will be scheduled to review the checklist and corresponding documentation. 
  • Become certified. Sign and return the Certification Acknowledgement Form. 

Business Resource Champion certification is performed on a rolling basis. Certification is good for one year from the date of award.

Recognition Levels for Business Resource Champions

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Green

Download the Business Resource Champions application


Business Categories and Checklists

  • Office/Commercial Retail 
    • Office/Commercial Retail checklist: fillable form or non-fillable form
    • Clothing, discount store, specialty store, warehouse, department store, drugstore, grocery
  • Office/Commercial Office 
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Manufacturing/Industrial 
  • Hospitality 
  • Nonprofit 
  • Education 
  • Healthcare - Large Facility
    • Large healthcare facilities such as hospitals and surgery centers, due to the nature of their operations, should select a particular area, such as an office, for certification.

Contact Us

If you are uncertain of your category, or would like more details about the Business Resource Champion of Cuyahoga County program, contact Business Recycling Specialist Doreen Schreiber at (216) 443-3732 or send an email


See the program flyer.

Celebrating the Business Resource Champions of Cuyahoga County

Congratulations to our certified businesses! We are pleased to announce that ithe following companies are Business Resource Champions of Cuyahoga County.

This certification program from the Solid Waste District has been offered since 2023.