Recycle Scrap Metal Right

Do not place any scrap metal in your curbside recycling. The only metal that belongs in your curbside recycling are aluminum and steel cans. 


Other scrap metal like cookie and popcorn tins, car parts, appliances, license plates, wire hangers and hot water tanks can be recycled at a local scrap yard or through a community scrap metal drop-off for residents.

Before recycling a license plate, we recommend cutting it in some way so it cannot be used by someone else.


For a list of scrap metal recyclers, see the Business Locations list below. There may be a small fee to remove Freon refrigerant from refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and dehumidifiers.


There are also hauling companies willing to pick up and haul away your scrap metal items. Check the Yellow Pages for rubbish removal services.

Business Locations

A & B Metal Recycling

Aaromet Metal Recycling LLC

Able Alloy Inc.

Advance Iron & Metal Co., Inc.

Aetna Metals

All City Recycling, Inc.

All Scrap Salvage Co., Inc.

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