The District offers waste reducition and recycling presentations tailored to the specific interests and needs of your group. Consider requesting a speaker for your civic organization, church group, parent-teacher organization or garden club. We can also host a booth or a table at your event.

To request a presentation, contact the District's education specialist at (216) 443-3731 or request a speaker. Webinars may be canceled prior to event due to low registration numbers.


Our staff also holds composting seminars, business recycling presentations and youth presentations.


Recycle Right

Learn best practices for recycling right in Cuyahoga County and what you can do to make a meaningful difference in your community. Get answers to questions about curbside recycling and discuss what, where, how and when to recycle other items you need to part with. One hour. Free, open to the public.

There are none scheduled at this time.

Less Waste and Plastic Free: Reduce 101

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The 3Rs are in the order for a reason. Recycling is important but we must make a first effort to REDUCE the amount of waste we produce in our homes. The average American generates 4.51 pounds of waste per day. We'll discuss specific strategies for reducing waste in your home. One hour. Free, open to the public.


There are none scheduled at this time.

Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that the average American throws away approximately one pound of food per day? When food is sent to the landfill, it has an impact on your wallet and the environment. Join us to learn how to shop smarter, plan meals, and learn creative uses for food scraps you might normally throw away. One hour. Free, open to the public.

There are none scheduled at this time.


Invite our educator to conduct a hands-on workshop at your facility or meeting space. Your organization or group can make reusable t-shirt bags, worm bins or green cleaning products while learning more about the related topic. Contact us for more details.

Zero Waste Event Training for Volunteer Groups

Our staff can teach your volunteer coalition how to host and implement a zero waste event. Training must take place before the day of the event. Contact us for more details.

Learn more about hosting a zero waste event.