Dispose of Televisions  Right

Do not put televisions and other electronics in your curbside recycling.

In Ohio, there is no ban on placing televisions and electronics in the regular trash but recycling options do exist. Best Buy stores will recycle tube TVs (up to 28”), flat panel TVs (LCD, plasma, LED, smaller than 50"), and portable TVs for a $25 fee per item. Many other types of electronic equipment are free. There is a limit of three TVs per household per day. See details.


Special Collection Events

Seasonally, the Solid Waste District holds special collection events for Cuyahoga County residents to recycle televisions. There may be a fee for this service. In 2024, TV collection events will be held on March 9 and October 12. The number of TVs we can accept during the event is limited by transportation space; registration is required. Registration opens 30 days before a scheduled event. Send an email for questions or more details.


Register for the October 12, 2024 TV recycling event.

If you choose not to recycle your television, it can be placed in the regular trash for disposal. Check with your city service department or waste hauler for details about bulk waste collection. Depending on the size of the item, you may be required to take your television to a waste transfer station for disposal.

Learn more about recycling computers, mobile devices, and other electronics.

Businesses with TVs or other electronics can recycle the items through local specialized companies. For business locations, see the list of options below.



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