Dispose of Computers and Electronics Right

Computers and electronics can be recycled, but not in your curbside recycling cart or bin.

Most electronics contain valuable metals that can be recovered through a special drop-off recycling program. Items that can be recycled include desktops, towers, laptops, monitors, keyboards and peripherals, printers, modems, tablets, e-readers, telecom devices, networking equipment, cables, cell phones, earbuds, and video game systems.

City Recycling Programs

In most communities, residents can recycle unwanted computer equipment and peripherals at their city service department. Many of the 59 communities in Cuyahoga County offer year-round collection and recycling of computer equipment. Some hold seasonal collection events, typically in the spring or fall. Most communities recycle computer equipment through RET3 job corp., a nonprofit computer recycler located on the east side of Cleveland.


Most communities will only accept and manage waste from their residents. To find collection information for your community, use this website’s geolocation services, or choose your community from the green ‘Select a City’ drop-down at the top of the page and click 'See Details.' 


Other Recycling Programs

Computer equipment, peripherals, printers, and small personal electronics including phones, tablets and GPS can be dropped off for recycling at Solid Waste District HQ in Garfield Heights.

Other electronics can be recycled through local e-waste companies and at retail locations. Best Buy and Staples allow customers to drop off items in store for free. 


DISH offers a refurbishment and recycling program for satellite dishes and equipment.


DIRECTV has a mail-back recycling program for DIRECTV satellite equipment.

Republic Services offers a pre-paid Electronics Recycling Mail-Back Program, especially for items containing rechargeable batteries.


Televisions can be recycled for a fee. Learn more about televisions.

Donate Usable Equipment

The Donation Locations listed below accept donations of good, working, usable electronics to maintain their facilities or help the organization's mission. See the Business Locations list for area e-waste recyclers.



Looking to recycle, donate or dispose of other items? Use the dark blue 'What Do I Do With?' search bar at the top of every page of this website. Allow location services or use the city drop-down to find opportunities in your local area. 

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