Dispose of Baby Items Right

Used, disposable diapers should be placed in the regular trash. Do not place diapers in recycling.

New, unused disposable diapers, cloth diapers and other baby items in good, usable condition can be donated to a community service organization that will distribute the items to people in need or sell the items to support the organization's mission. See the list of Donation Locations below.

Clean, unusable cloth and cloth scraps can be recycled through a local textile company.

Breast Pumps

Unwanted or unusable breast pumps can be recycled through the Medela Recycles program. Other brands, Including Hygeia and Spectra, may also have a recycling program. Contact the manufacturer to find out if they offer a way to recycle a pump. If the breast pump cannot be reused or recycled, place it in the regular trash for disposal.


Do not place unwanted plastic tubing or pieces, parts and fittings from a breast pump in recycling. Place them in the trash.

Car Seats

See details for car seats.




Looking to recycle, donate or dispose of other items? Use the dark blue 'What Do I Do With?' search bar at the top of every page of this website. Allow location services or use the city drop-down to find opportunities in your local area. 

Access, Inc.

Alternaterm Pregnancy Services

Another Chance of Ohio

Catholic Charities, Fatima Family Center

Catholic Charities, St. Philip Neri Family Center

Chagrin Falls Park Community Center

Cuyahoga County Family Justice Center

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