Dispose of Textiles Right

Do NOT place clothing and other fabric in your curbside recycling.

Donate usable clothing, fabric and other textiles to a charitable organization. Even if the cloth materials are old and worn, they may be usable at an animal shelter or other similar agency or facility. See a list of options for donating household goods.


Unusable Clothing and Fabric

Many Goodwill and Salvation Army locations accept rags, stained clothing and “unusable textiles” for recycling. Most stores sort for these materials at their donation centers, or they ask that donation bags be marked appropriately when the items are dropped off. This may not apply to all stores. Please speak with the local establishment regarding their guidelines and specifications.

Simple Recycling accepts textiles, cloth and rags for recycling. Call (866) 835-5068. Contact the company for details.


Textiles from Businesses

Businesses with large quantities of textiles can recycle their items through Remnants Bag Company in Chagrin Falls. Residential goods are not accepted. 


Manufacturers and designers can visit an online marketplace for the textile industry to buy or sell. See The Sustainery.


Businesses that would like to recycle textiles can do so through other local specialized companies. For business locations, see the list of options below or contact our business recycling specialist for details.



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