Dispose of Aerosols Right

Do not place aerosol cans in curbside recycling. Empty aerosol cans go in the regular trash for disposal. 

Make sure that the can is completely empty before throwing it away. See the steps for properly emptying aerosol cans.

By federal law, empty household hazardous waste containers (3% of material remaining or less) can be disposed in the regular trash. Aerosol cans that are empty or partially-full can be disposed in your community‚Äôs next household hazardous waste (HHW) collection. 

Consider donating still usable or non-hazardous materials (furniture polish, air freshener, hairspray, shaving cream, whipped cream) to a friend, neighbor or organization that may be able to use the unwanted products.

Empty CO2 or nitrogen cartridges may be collected and taken to a scrap yard. You may receive a rebate.

Waste from Businesses or Commercial Properties

Businesses with empty aerosol cans can throw them into the trash. If the cans held a hazardous material but are empty, they are considered RCRA empty and can be put directly in the trash. If they still have some hazardous liquid in them they must be disposed of as hazardous waste. See the Business Locations list below for options.



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