Clean Up Cuyahoga

Are you part of the #trashtag movement? We love the effort and encourage everyone to pick up litter in Cuyahoga County. Our Clean Up Cuyahoga program provides supplies to organizations and schools that want to get involved.

Request supplies, clean up a space and post it on social media. Show your pride by tagging #CuyahogaRecycles too.

In 2012, the Solid Waste District launched the Clean Up Cuyahoga program to provide litter clean up supplies for groups to use year-round. We hope these kits will encourage youth to improve their environment by cleaning up their neighborhood or school. It also helps youth develop and encourage civic pride.

An adult representative of a school or youth group interested in performing a service learning project 
may request a Clean Up Cuyahoga kit. The service project should involve cleaning up areas around a school, park or other public space.

The kits are designed for groups of up to 30 youth. 
If the clean up will involve a large group or multiple classrooms, additional supplies may be requested. 

Clean up supplies include recycling bags, garbage bags, cloth gloves, car litter bags, seed packets, educational materials and promotional items.  


Eligible groups include:
* K-12 schools
* clubs and after school programs
* environmental clubs
* university-sponsored clubs
* organized youth groups
* youth programs of 501(c) 3s or 501(c) 6s
* scout troops
* city recreation center programs

Request Supplies for a Clean Up Cuyahoga event

Complete a Clean Up Cuyahoga request form​. ​Return by mail, fax or email to: 

Kathleen Rocco, Education Specialist
Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District
4750 East 131 Street
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44105

Fax: (216) 478-0014
send an email

Your request will be reviewed and Kathleen will contact you by email or phone to notify you that your request was approved. The kit will be available for pick up from the District’s office. Please allow two weeks for processing from when the request was received.

Clean Up Cuyahoga kits will be distributed until the kits are exhausted in a given budget year (January-December). The Solid Waste District can loan additional supplies like large shovels, garden shovels, litter pick up tools, safety vests and additional garden gloves for large groups or group plantings. Many garden clubs, the Arbor Day Foundation and even building supply stores may offer support for planting perennials, bulbs and trees.

We like results! After the project, complete a Clean Up Cuyahoga report 
and share the number bags of trash collected, bags of recyclables collected and the number of participants. And, we love photos! Please include any video or digital pictures taken at the clean up event.  Send your report and photo(s) within a month of the clean up event. Finally, show your pride on social media by tagging #trashtag and #CuyahogaRecycles.

Questions? Call Kathleen at (216) 443-3731.

Comments about Clean Up Cuyahoga

Our original Cuyahoga Clean Up day had to be canceled because of the weather.  Two classes were able to join together and complete the activity together.  Most of the students were happy to be helping our environment by picking up litter. The students were very surprised that there was so much trash and that people really threw trash on the ground. I think that it changed the students' outlook on littering because they actually had to look at the amount of trash people throw on the ground. Most of the time, the students just walk by the litter and don't pay it any attention.
 Rhondala Jackson-Bizuneh, Al Ihsan School, Parma

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