Recycling at the District

The Solid Waste District hosts other special recycling collections. The following items can dropped off for recycling at District headquarters, 4750 East 131 Street in Garfield Heights. Marked collection bins are in the lobby. Hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. County offices, including the District, are closed on national holidays.

All Cuyahoga County residents are invited to take advantage of these recycling programs. For more details email the District.

Cell Phones & Handheld Electronics

Drop off cell phones, mobile devices, tablets and handheld electronics at the Solid Waste District. A marked collection bin is in our lobby. Items are recycled or refurbished by a local nonprofit organization.

Campaign Sign Recycling Program

After the primary (March/May) and general (November) elections, the District collects campaign yard signs for recycling. We accept plastic and cardboard campaign signs plus the metal stands. The District has collected political yard signs since the 2012 general election. Materials are recycled by Northcoast Recycling Specialists in Wickliffe.

Some city service departments also offer campaign sign recycling for residents. Learn more about your community.


Gillette® Razor Recycling Program

TerraCycle® has partnered with Gillette® and Venus to offer the Gillette® Razor Recycling Program, a free recycling program for blades, razors and razor plastic packaging. The Solid Waste District is a host site for the brigade. 

Recycle all brands of blades, razors and razor plastic packaging through this program. Items must be clean and dry before being placed in our lobby drop box.

See more details or learn how to request your own collection box about the Gillette® Razor Recycling Program.

holiday lights recycling program

Holiday Lights Recycling Program

Recycle your broken, burned out strings of lights, power strips, and power cords during our holiday lights recycling program. Program runs December 1-January 15. No bags or boxes in the recycling bin, please. Plan on taking any bags or boxes home with you. We do not accept solar lights or outdoor spotlights. Materials are recycled by a local Cleveland company.

Some city service departments also offer a holiday lights collection for residents. Learn more about your community.

Personal Care & Beauty Brigade

TerraCycle® and Garnier® have partnered to create the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade®, a free recycling program for hair care, skin care, and cosmetic product packaging. The Solid Waste District is a host site for the brigade. 

We only accept empty PLASTIC cosmetic containers and tubes, especially smaller items with caps on. 

Drop off empty cosmetics including hair gel tubes and caps, hair paste plastic jars and caps, lip balm tubes, face soap dispensers and tubes, face lotion bottles, tubes and plastic jars, soap tubes and dispensers, shaving foam tubes (no cans), lipstick cases, lip gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, bronzer cases, foundation packaging and bottles, powder cases, eyeliner cases, eyeliner pencils, eye shadow tubes, concealer tubes, concealer sticks and lip liner pencils.

Recycle plastic bottles over 2" in diameter (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) in your curbside recycling. Empty all bottles of shampoo and conditioner before placing in recycling. 

Personal Care And Beauty Brigade® 
(flyer PDF)

Small Appliance Recycling Program

Small, non-working household appliances can be recycled at the Solid Waste District. The small appliances must be clean and under 10 lbs. Small appliances includes hair dryers, small portable heaters, toasters, blenders, other small kitchen appliances, small fans, GPS, personal electronics, curling irons, CD players, stereos, radios and MP3 players.

If your small appliance is still in good, working condition, consider reuse first and donate it to a local organization that can use it. 
See more details.

Large quantities from businesses cannot be accepted. No bags or boxes in the recycling bin, please. Plan on taking any bags or boxes home with you.

Please call your city service department for details about large appliances and items containing Freon (refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, laundry, A/C units, dehumidifiers).

take TVs to a local 
Best Buy store
NO FREON APPLIANCES (A/C units, refrigerators, dehumidifiers)

Writing Instrument Recycling Program

TerraCycle offers national programs (Brigades®) to collect previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste including writing instruments. The Solid Waste District is a host site for the brigade, including for:
* pens and pen caps,
* mechanical and wooden pencils,
* markers and marker caps,
* permanent markers and permanent marker caps.

Items can be dropped off in a marked collection bin in the District’s vestibule.

Zerolandfill Cleveland

ZeroLandfill Cleveland operates a materials exchange program at the Solid Waste District during the summer months, typically in June or July.

The organization offers Pollination days (drop-off of interior design supplies by business and industry) and Harvest days (gathering of interior design supplies by teachers, artists and general public). Materials involved in the exchange include carpet samples, tile, fabric, wall coverings, and flooring. The reuse events are staffed by volunteers from IIDA, local design firms and businesses.

Upcoming Zerolandfill events

Pollination Dates = Drop-off of interior design supplies by business and industry.
There are no dates scheduled at this time.

Harvest Dates = Gathering of interior design supplies by teachers, artists and general public.
Friday, July 9 * 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Saturday, July 10 * 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

For details about upcoming dates for ZeroLandfill Cleveland, see their
Facebook page or email them.

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