Dispose of Mercury Right

Do not place mercury or mercury-containing devices in your trash or recycling. Mercury can be hazardous to your health and the environment.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District offers a free year-round drop off for mercury and mercury-containing devices at their facility in Cuyahoga Heights. See details.


Household mercury items like thermometers and thermostats can be properly disposed at a household hazardous waste collection.

How to Determine If Your Non-Digital Thermometer Contains Mercury

Newer non-digital fever thermometers often use alcohol or a non-toxic compound that looks similar to mercury. Ask:

  • Is the liquid in the thermometer any color other than silver? Then it is most likely alcohol.
  • Is it silver? Then it may be mercury or possibly a non-mercury substance.

The U.S. EPA has details about mercury thermometers.


Cleaning Up A Mercury Spill

For details on cleaning up a mercury spill or broken thermometer, see these guidelines from the U.S. EPA. After following the EPA instructions for clean-up and containment, contact Matt Walters at (216) 443-3749 or email to discuss disposal options.

Businesses must contract with a licensed environmental services company for proper disposal or recycling. For business locations, see the list of options below.



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