Dispose of Food Waste Right

Residential food waste can be composted through services offered by Rust Belt Riders. The company offers drop off locations and a subscription service for weekly curbside pick up, including in some communities. Compost services are available for a small fee. Check with your community or see details


Learn more about composting food waste at home. 


After Halloween, the Solid Waste District offers a pumpkin composting collection program for unwanted pumpkins and gourds. The program started in 2023 with a pilot collection in three locations. See details.

Businesses with food waste, perishables and other organics can compost in a commercial food waste facility, including local digesters and waste-to-energy solutions. See the Business list below.


Is the food still in usable condition? See donation options for food.



Looking to recycle, donate or dispose of other items? Use the dark blue 'What Do I Do With?' search bar at the top of every page of this website. Allow location services or use the city drop-down to find opportunities in your local area.