Dispose of Flower Pots and Flats Right

It's planting season. After you've carefully chosen and planted your flower and vegetable plants, do not place the empty flower pots or flats in your curbside recycling. 

Some local greenhouses and nurseries accept pots and flats for reuse, so you can try returning them to the point of purchase. Home Depot and Lowe's Home Improvement stores may have a collection program for nursery pots and trays. Typically, you can locate the drop-off area in or near the Garden Center. Programs are subject to change, so check with your local retail location.

Also, consider using pots and flats in a craft project or use them to organize your hardware. See some great ideas from This Old House.

If you are not able to use a drop-off recycling location or a reuse program, place empty plastic flower pots, packs and flats in the trash for disposal.

Ceramic and terra cotta clay plant pots cannot be recycled. Broken ones should go in the garbage.

Learn more about the plastic bottles that belong in your recycling. Or see more details about recycling in Cuyahoga County.



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