Dispose of Flares Right

Do not place marine flares, road flares, fireworks, ammunition, and other explosives in the regular trash.

The Cleveland Fire Department Fire Training Academy may accept flares for training in controlled burns. Call (216) 664-6880. Cuyahoga Community College also has a Fire Training Academy. Call (216) 666-7183.


Marine Flares

Some police departments are able to dispose of marine flares along with ammunition and other explosive ordinances. Contact your local police department for details.


Fireworks and Ammunition

To dispose of fireworks and ammunition, contact your local safety services, police department or a pyrotechnics company regarding disposal of unwanted products or items. 

Marine flares, road flares, fireworks, ammunition, and other explosives are not accepted in the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program. If you are unable to dispose of flares through the resources listed above, contact Matt Walters at (216) 443-3749 or email to discuss other disposal options.



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