Dispose of Batteries Right

Do not place batteries of any kind in curbside recycling. Placing batteries in curbside recycling is hazardous and dangerous. They can be recycled or properly disposed of in other ways.

Primary/single-use alkaline batteries are not hazardous and can be disposed of in the regular trash once they wear out. If you prefer not to throw your alkaline batteries in the regular trash, you can purchase a battery collection box from Call2Recycle.  Recycling options for alkaline batteries may be available through Battery Empire and some Call2Recycle locations. Staples also accepts alkaline batteries.

Alkaline, silver oxide, zinc-air, zinc-carbon and zinc-chloride, commonly known as AA, AAA, 9V, D-cell, and button cell, are all types of primary batteries. They are classified by the federal government as non-hazardous waste. Alkaline batteries are composed primarily of common metals (steel, zinc and manganese) and do not pose a health or environmental risk during normal use or disposal. See Call2Recycle for details.

Rechargeable batteries can be recycled for free through local Call2Recycle drop boxes, found in retail stores such as the Apple Store, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement, Sears Hardware, tool repair shops and local hardware stores. The drop boxes accept Ni-MH, Ni-Cd Lithium/Li-ion batteries and battery backups. Search with your zip code to find a location near you.

BatteriesPlus retail stores will accept and recycle many types of rechargeable batteries. Locally, stores are located in Akron, Canton, Macedonia, Mayfield Heights, and Parma. The retailer may also accept non-hazardous alkaline batteries and hearing aid batteries for a small fee. Check with your local BatteriesPlusstore. 


Do not place lithium ion or any rechargeable battery in the trash or curbside recycling. This can cause a fire.

Be sure to safely prepare your rechargeable batteries for recycling. There are two options: Bag or tape. Option A: Bag each battery in its own clear plastic bag before placing it in a storage container. Option B: Tape the terminals with clear packing, non-conductive electrical or duct tape, keeping the label visible. See more battery recycling tips from Call2Recycle.

Lead acid batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid and are used as a source of power. They are mainly used in vehicles. Ohio law prohibits the disposal of lead acid batteries in landfills. The law also requires wholesalers and retailers of lead acid batteries to take your old battery for recycling when you buy a new one. Batteries that are covered by the law include batteries used in vehicles, motorcycles, wheelchairs, boats or other forms of motive power.

Automotive retailers, scrap metal yards and vehicle repair shops accept and recycle lead acid batteries. Find a location near you by searching with your zip code in the Yellow Pages.


Residents with batteries can contact the Solid Waste District for additional disposal options. Matt Walters can be reached at (216) 698-7595 or by email.


E-Bike Batteries

E-bike cells are large lithium batteries and should not be placed recycling or trash. They can easily start fires when not managed properly. E-bike batteries are too large for Call2Recycle boxes but proper disposal options do exist. BatteriesPlus stores in Akron, Canton, Macedonia, Mayfield Heights, and Parma will accept them for a per pound fee. There are also drop-boxes specifically for e-bike batteries at bike shops around the county. Find a location.


Electric Vehicle Batteries

Greentec Auto in Broadview Heights accepts large solar and automotive rechargeable battery cells. Contact them for details about managing batteries from electric vehicles (EVs).


Damaged Batteries
If you see a punctured, damaged, swollen or bulging battery, immediately put it in a non-flammable material such as sand or kitty litter in a cool, dry place. DO NOT THROW AWAY. See step-by-step details from wikiHow. Contact BatteriesPlus, Call2Recycle or RET3 job corp. to dispose of damaged batteries.


Waste from Businesses or Commercial Properties

Businesses can recycle rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries through local specialized companies. See the Business Locations list below for options.



Looking to recycle, donate or dispose of other items? Use the dark blue 'What Do I Do With?' search bar at the top of every page of this website. Allow location services or use the city drop-down to find opportunities in your local area. 

Business Locations

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