Dispose of Acrylic Plastic Right

Do not place acrylic plastic in curbside recycling.

Acrylic is a transparent plastic that has gained widespread use because of its ability to replace glass. Typically, acrylic is used for signs, sales displays, roof windows, lenses, and screens. Acrylic is also used for demanding constructions such as windows in submarines and fiberoptics in flat-screen TVs. Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, acrylic is used as a shield or barrier in retail spaces, restaurants, schools,businesses, and places of worship.

Acrylic is a parent name that indicates the type of polymer used in its manufacturing. Plexiglass is a trade or brand name, and is a common term used for acrylic (as is Lucite and Arcylite).

A recycling program for acrylic plastic is currently in development by the Solid Waste District. For details, contact Matt Walters at (216) 698-7595 or by email

In the meantime, businesses and schools with large amounts of acrylic can contact Northcoast Recycling Specialistfor details about recycling.

Currently, only rigid acrylic is recyclable. Flexible acrylic should be placed in the regular trash.


The Donation Locations listed below accept donations of good acrylic plastic to maintain their facilities or help the organization's mission. See the Business Locations list for area acrylic recyclers.




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