The following publications and materials are available from the Solid Waste District.  You can view the PDF or request a hard copy. Contact the Solid Waste District at 216.443.3749 or submit the Publication Request Form.

PUBLICATIONS For Teachers & Students

Mission Recycle newspaper and Mission Recycle teacher guide
Students learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle correctly in Cuyahoga County. Teacher guide is a companion piece that includes activities and answers. For grades 3 - 4.
Third edition printed in fall 2018. Request a copy.

Poster: Human Impact on Land Landfill Diagram
Actual poster size is 18" x 26".
View the PDF or request a copy.

Poster: Lunchroom Recycling Guide
Actual poster size is 24" x 36".
View the PDF or request a copy.
Poster: How to Pack a Zero-Waste Lunch
Actual poster size is 24" x 36".
View the PDF or request a copy.


Annual Report & Residential Recycling Report (2018)
Learn how your community’s recycling rate compares to the other communities in Cuyahoga County. 8.5"x11" brochure.

View the PDF or request a copy.

Cuyahoga Recycles Info Card
A quick reference card explaining the do's and don'ts of curbside recycling, including items that should be recycled elsewhere, disposed of properly or landfilled. 5.5"x8.5" postcard.

View the PDF or request a copy.

District Product Cards
Five quick reference cards explaining the products and services that we offer, including:
* About the District
3 R's Education: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Programs for Youth and Schools)
* Recycling Assistance for Businesses and Institutions
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
* Composting Seminars and Bin Sales

Request a copy.​​

Guide to Backyard Composting
Information on making your own soil-enriching compost by building and maintaining a backyard compost pile with leaves, grass and other organic materials. 5.5"x8.5" book.

View the PDF or request a copy.

Pass It On: A Resource-Full Guide to Donating Usable Stuff
An award-winning guide that lists over 120 community service organizations that accept donations of usable materials to support their work. Use this guide to find a home for your unwanted sporting goods, computers, clothing, gardening tools, office equipment, household goods and more. 8.5"x5.5" book, wire-bound, 84 pages. Eighth edition, printed August 2019.

View the PDF or request a copy.

Recycling Magnet
Display this quick reminder about what items belong in the recycling bin. 5" diameter magnet. 

This item is currently not available.

Recycling Spinner
Our interactive spinner provides answers and options for your most important recycling questions. 9" diameter spinner.

Request a copy.

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