The Solid Waste District offers two competitive grant programs to assist communities, schools, and nonprofits with developing and promoting recycling programs.

[for municipalities, villages and townships] Community Recycling Awareness Grant

The Community Recycling Awareness Grant was created by the Solid Waste District to help local governments educate residents about recycling. Cities, villages and townships in Cuyahoga County may apply for up to $6,000 in funding. Funds for special projects may aso be requested.

The application deadline for the 2021 Community Recycling Awareness Grant was February 1, 2021. Notification of award and forms to request reimbursement were sent to grantees, including mayors and the community grant contact, in early March.

Awardees: A hard copy of the Grant Reimbursement Report and supporting documentation are due at the District by Monday, November 1, 2021 at 4:00 PM. It can also be submitted as soon as your project is complete.

For more information about this grant program, send an email.

Purpose of the Community Recycling Awareness Grant

This grant is meant to help communities educate residents about recycling, typically through the use of printed materials such as brochures, refrigerator magnets, newsletters and fliers or calendars.

To make it easy to produce these materials and to keep recycling messages consistent across the county, the District has created customizable templates and design tools for communities to use. Funding is also offered to help communities conduct shredding events and to purchase public space recycling containers. 

The purpose of this grant is recycling education and awareness. Every grant application must include an educational component using the templates or design elements contained in the Cuyahoga Recycles Toolkit, which can be accessed from the District’s website.

[for nonprofits and schools] Recycling & Composting equipment Grant

The application for the 2021 Recycling & Composting Equipment Grant is now available. The application deadline is February 1, 2021. 
For nonprofits and schools that are interested in grant funds for recycling and/or composting equipment, please contact:

* Nonprofits/Universities: Doreen Schreiber, (216) 443-3732 or send an email
* Schools: Carin Miller, (216) 443-3731 or send an email

For organizational recycling information and tips on how to implement grants, see
Recycling at School and How to Start a Business Recycling Program.

Need to purchase recycling containers or find labels and signage options?  See our list of
Resources for Recycling Containers.

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