Construction & Demolition Debris (C&DD) Landfills

See the list below to find a licensed C&DD landfill in Cuyahoga County. Please call ahead for prices and specifications at each facility.

Before heading to a CD&D landfill, consider deconstruction. Deconstruction is defined as selectively dismantling a structure for the purpose of salvaging valuable construction and architectural materials to resell, reuse, or recycle. See details.

Boyas Excavating, Inc.
11311 Rockside Road, Valley View  
Open to the public? YES

RKDF, Inc.
950 Valley Belt Road, Brooklyn Heights
Open to the public? YES
Waste Management's Cuyahoga C&DD Landfill
6640 Cochran Road, Solon
Open to the public? YES

Rosby Resource Recycling, Inc.
54 E. Schaaf Road, Brooklyn Heights
Open to the public? YES

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