The District has compost bins, a kitchen collection pail and other accessories for sale. See the list below.

Compost equipment can be purchased at the Solid Waste District, 4750 East 131 Street in Garfield Heights. Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. Seasonally, the Solid Waste District is also open on the second Saturday of each month for compost bin sales.

Additionally, compost equipment can be purchased at in-person compost seminars.

Cash or check sales only. No credit cards accepted.


Annual Composting Survey

Do you compost at home? Each year, the Solid Waste District measures the number of households in the county that have backyard composting. Consider completing our composting survey for 2023; the deadline to respond is February 16, 2024. Survey respondents will be entered in a drawing to receive a free GeoBin.

Earth Machine

Composts food and yard waste.

  • 80 gallons, 33 x 33
  • Easy assembly: parts snap together, no tools required
  • Twist locking lid
  • Harvest door for compost removal
  • BPA free, made from recycled content

See an Earth Machine demonstration video from Wake County, North Carolina.



GeoBin Composter


Lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble. Wide opening to add contents and work the pile. Up to 75% recycled plastic.

Best for yard waste!

  • Easy assembly - rolled sheet of plastic fastened with closure keys - no tools required
  • Up to 246-gallon capacity (33 cubic feet).
  • Size is adjustable from 2' to 3.75' in diameter. 36" tall
  • Accepts large quantities of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, and more).
  • Compost food scraps. See do's and don'ts in Composting Guide
  • Ventilation accelerates decomposition
  • Can be used as a secondary bin for storing large amounts of leaves or other material
  • Stakes are not required, but can be used for additional stability of your composter. Long wooden stakes, plastic tent stakes, or landscaping staples are options. Stakes not included.

Note: This composter does not have a lid/cover. Lids are not necessary for proper composting but can help maintain moisture levels. If you prefer to add a cover, we suggest adding a tarp, and securing it with bungee cords or other fasteners.

To learn more about setup, view the instructional video or see the instruction sheet




Sure-Close Collection Pail

  • Collect your kitchen scraps for transport to the outdoors
  • 1.9 gallons; 11 x 9.5 food scrap holding pail
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Vents for airflow, lid stands for secure closure, grips for easy handling
  • Odor and blemish-resistant, HDPE plastic

Compost Crank Twist

  • Compost aerator: 32" tall with a working depth 29", 1.5 pounds
  • Made of sturdy 3/8 inch solid round stainless steel bar with a comfortable cushion grip
  • Curved cane handle perfect for easy left, right, or two handed cranking deep into compost; mixes and aerates compost easily
  • Handcrafted in Tucson, AZ on machinery made from recycled parts

See a compost aerator demonstration video . The Compost Crank Twist, available for purchase from the District, is demonstrated at the 0:53 mark.

Compost Thermometer

  • Easy-read dial with stainless steel body and stainless steel 19 inch probe

How To Do Backyard Composting

Do you want to learn more about backyard composting? Attend an upcoming compost seminar or see tips on backyard composting