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Programs and services for businesses in Cuyahoga County

Businesses, organizations and nonprofits can find answers to questions about the cost of waste disposal, service contracts, waste reduction in facilities, recycling, how to start a workplace recycling program and commercial composting.

Annual Recycling Survey

Did your business/organization recycle in 2019?  Your recycling information is needed.  Please use this link to complete the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District’s Business Recycling Survey.


Recycle at Work

Looking to start a workplace recycling program? Learn about your waste stream by conducting a waste audit, find equipment and labels or see the top 10 ideas to reduce office waste and recycle more.

Some drop-off sites are available for mixed recycling in Cuyahoga County. Paper Retriever, River Valley Paper Company and the 
City of Cleveland all operate drop-off bins for mixed paper throughout our area. Cleveland also accepts cans, cartons, glass and plastic bottles in their bins.

Learn About Workplace Recycling Behaviors

There is a proven method for making sure a recycling program works at your company, school or organization. Scientists have been studying recycling behavior for over 25 years and they have discovered what works and what doesn’t. See more.

Recycling Options for Business & Industry

Your company has unique needs when it comes to reducing waste and recycling recycling. The District's Recycling Directory for Business & Industry lists companies that recycle, reuse or compost a wide variety of waste materials produced by businesses and institutions in Cuyahoga County.

Looking to give materials away or find something your company needs? Connect with other companies looking to reuse or recycle in the Ohio Materials Marketplace.

Free Seminars

Throughout the year, the District offers free seminars to businesses, schools and other organizations. Businesses can learn how to start or improve a workplace recycling program as well as how to contract for waste hauling or recycling.

Ask the Business Recycling Specialist

Do you have a question about workplace recycling, starting a recycling program, reducing your office waste or how to contract for recycling and waste removal? Contact business recycling specialist Doreen Schreiber at 216.443.3732 or send an email.


Instead of demolition, consider deconstruction. Locally, specialized companies offer services to selectively dismantle a structure for the purpose of salvaging valuable construction and architectural materials to resell, reuse, or recycle.

Food Donation

Assistance for businesses and organizations interested in donating food including where to donate, what to donate and clarification of liability issues.

Paper Shredding & Document Destruction

There are many options for paper shredding and document destruction in Cuyahoga County. Personal records, financial documents, and business proceedings should be destroyed appropriately when needed.

Zero Waste Goals

The District's business recycling specialist is a TRUE Advisor, U.S. Green Business Council. She can help your business set goals and work towards the principles of zero waste.

Helpful Links and Resources

A list of websites and books that provide good information to businesses interested in sustainable business practices. Other organizations offer newsletters to assist in workplace sustainability.


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