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Currently, the assemblies are used as a prize for Solid Waste District sponsored contests. The District hires performers like The Illusion Maker (visit website). The show is interactive, exciting, educational, and it raises awareness of recycling. Consider bringing an assembly to your school by participating in a District contest or find a sponsor like the PTA and hire The Illusion Maker.  
If you need a speaker for Earth Day, career days or another event, our Education Specialist will be happy to speak to your class or group.

Classroom Presentations

The District’s Education Specialist can come into your classroom to teach about the environment. Presentations are designed to meet science indicators and may also integrate social studies, mathematics and language arts. Longer presentations are hands-on and shorter ones may include a worksheet, story, craft or game. Each presentation is geared to a specific grade.

See more information about Classroom Presentations


The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District established the cleanup Cuyahoga program to provide litter cleanup supplies for groups to use year-round. We hope these kits will encourage youth to improve their environment by helping clean up their neighborhood or school and as a result, help develop civic pride.

Day Camp & Summer Programs

Reduce, reuse and recycle can be incorporated into summer day camp, library and youth programs. Our Education Specialist can teach campers how to make crafts from items that would normally be thrown away. Depending upon camper’s age, reuse crafts can include kite making, papermaking and more.
If your program has a theme, the Education Specialist can organize a complementary craft or program. Participates would collect the core trash materials for the craft and the District provides the rest. Larger groups may be accommodated by dividing campers into age groups for several sessions with the help of your staff.

Classroom presentations can be requested too

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