The Solid Waste District offers two competitive grant programs to assist communities, schools, and nonprofits with developing and promoting recycling programs.

Recycling Container Grant (for nonprofits and schools)

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District offers grants to help nonprofit organizations and schools in Cuyahoga County start, expand and improve recycling and composting programs by assisting with the purchase of recycling and composting containers. Eligible organizations may apply for up to $3,000 in grant funds. Questions about the grant program? Contact Kathleen Rocco or Doreen Schreiber.

Applications for the Recycling Container Grant are due in February. 
View the application.

For school recycling information and tips on how to implement grants, see 
Recycling In Schools.

Need to purchase recycling containers?  See our list of
Resources for Recycling Containers.

Community Recycling Awareness Grant (for municipalities, villages and townships)

The Community Recycling Awareness Grant was created by the Solid Waste District to help local governments in Cuyahoga County educate residents about recycling. Communities may apply for up to $5,000 in funding.

Applications for the 
Community Recycling Awareness Grant are due in February. View the applicationFor more information about this grant program, e-mail us.


The District has been working with local marketing firm The Fairmount Group to develop a recycling education toolkit that includes standard materials and graphics for cities to use. We encourage cities to use and incorporate the toolkit components as part of their 2016-2017 grant projects. 

This is part of a county-wide "Recycle More, Recycle Better" education campaign the District launched in 2016. Our goal is to create county-wide consistency in the recycling information that residents receive. There is a compelling need to reduce confusion around how to recycle properly and what to include and not include in the residential mixed recycling stream. Improving recycling quality and increasing participation will help sustain recycling in Cuyahoga County in the future.

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