On the Road with Summer Recycling

When you’re headed out for summer fun, don’t leave your responsible recycling practices at home.

  • Make picnics even more special by packing pretty lightweight reusable plates in your basket. Consider adding a set of inexpensive stainless cutlery and soft cloth napkins to it, too (they don’t have to match)!
  • Shun plastic bags by packing your food in Tupperware or other sturdy reusable plastic containers.
  • Buy yourself a nice cooler and reusable ice packs or bags instead of purchasing bags of ice and Styrofoam coolers.
  • Take out or pack out what you bring in if recycling bins aren’t available.
  • Keep a recycling bag in your car and you won’t be tempted to throw your recyclables into the trashcan at gas stations.
  • At parks, stadiums and arenas, look for recycling bins. If it isn’t easy to figure out where or what to recycle at a particular venue, don’t be shy about asking someone in charge.
  • If no recycling is available, pack your recyclables and take them home and put in your curbside recycling.
  • Pay attention to what bin you’re using — sometimes this isn’t as clear as it should be.

Whether you’re hosting a barbeque for friends, planning a major summer event or simply getting out and about to enjoy the warmer weather, recycling should be a part of your plan rather than an afterthought. Don’t let your responsible recycling habits take a vacation!

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