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The Solid Waste District offers contests throughout the year for students, schools and youth groups. Contest entries and voting for the most recent contest are listed below. Please take a look and follow the instructions to vote for your favorite!

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March 2019 - The student contributors to the 3Rs Photo Contest were a small group, and they provided the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District with clever images of how students can reuse, recycle and express concern for the earth. Two hundred and thirty-votes were submitted from friends of the Solid Waste District and students to choose the winners.

This is an annual contest of drawings or photos that display ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  The submissions included a photo of making gift boxes out of old calendars, a robot out of trash, earrings out of water bottles, and plastic bag dress.  Photos can be viewed

Each student wins a t-shirt and other assorted recycled content and earth prizes.  Congratulations!

  • 6 year old Henry Distehorst of Chagrin Falls: Plan, Reuse and Gift
  • 7 year old Nicky Turchan of Chagrin Falls: Dive Into Recycling
  • 8 year old Lucia Detweiler of Chagrin Falls: Untitled
  • 9 year old Mallory Massey of Cleveland: I Could Convince Them To Use That Bin
  • 11 year old Katie Jones of Chagrin: Which World Would You Rather Live In? 
  • 12 year old Ashley Schwartz of Fairview: Don’t Toss It! Wear It!
We hope that each of the contest participants will continue to strive for a world without waste.


May 2018 - Congratulations to the winners of our annual spring Poetree Contest!

  • Connor Noll, Independence Primary, Independence 
  • Maya Uchino-Garcia, St. Dominic School, Shaker Heights


April 2018 - Congratulations to our Zero Waste Lunch Challenge winner for 2018! The class of 68 second graders at Lincoln Elementary School in Lakewood created only 10 lbs. of trash total in an April lunchtime contest (0.16 lb./student). 

For their efforts, we awarded them a bench made of recycled milk jugs. The bench will be proudly on display in the school.

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