For Schools & Youth

The Solid Waste District offers the following educational programs for schools and youth that encourage a sustainable lifestyle of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Looking for a presentation for adults? See
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For questions about our programs for schools and youth, contact our education specialist at 216.443.3731. To request a speaker or presentation, complete the form.

Classroom Tools & Worksheets

We offer a series of early education worksheets that allow kids to practice motor skills, math, language, and thinking skills while focusing on the sustainable material management known as reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Mission: Recycle Newspaper with teacher guide for grades 3-4 is also available.

Earth Day Ideas

Tips for celebrating Earth Day in April, plus ways to make EVERY day Earth Day.

Find Grants

The District and other organizations offer grants to schools, teachers and youth groups to encourage recycling and sustainability.

Homework Helpers & Scholarships

Find links to assist with homework or research and scholarships to assist with education.

Presentations and Classroom Visits

Our educator can visit your classroom, youth group, club, camp or scout group to speak about waste reduction and proper recycling. We also offer teacher workshops.

Recycling at School

What are the benefits of recycling at school? Can you recycle milk cartons? Would you like to create a waste-free classroom? How do you get started?

Teacher Resources & Links

The District’s education specialist has many resources available, including lesson plans, for teachers, educators and youth leaders.

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