Let the Carton Live On

Start milk and juice carton recycling at your school now!

In Cuyahoga County, schools are encouraged to recycle cartons and improve their school’s carton recycling rate. Our goal is to capture 100% of the milk cartons and juice boxes that are used or generated in cafeterias and on school grounds.

If your school is currently serviced by Kimble Co., Republic Services, Rumpke Waste & Recycling or Waste Management, you can participate in this program.

Schools with other recycling haulers should work with the District's education specialist to determine if carton recycling is accepted by the hauler and/or recycler.

How to get started

  • Place carton recycling bins the cafeteria along with a pour off bucket. The Solid Waste District can provide recycling bins in the shape of a milk carton, generously donated from the Carton Council.   
  • Follow the “drink, empty, recycle” behavior model. All juice boxes and milk cartons must be emptied and straws removed. Include cartons from breakfast and lunch in recycling.
  • Inform custodial staff about the program, especially if they are handling the removal of cartons for recycling. 
  • Collected cartons should be placed loose in the school's recycling dumpster.  Plastic bags can trap moisture and odors rendering cartons not recoverable.
  • Share your results and success with the school community, the Solid Waste District and the Carton Council. We love seeing your stories, media announcements, photos and videos. 
Schools with less than 400 students can get up to two carton recycling bins and a set of “drink, empty, recycle” posters. Schools with over 400 students can obtain up to three recycling bins and a set of “drink, empty, recycle” posters.

Schools will also receive promotional materials to be used at school, home and in the classroom. 

Learn more about recycling cartons

For more details about recycling cartons at your school, contact our education specialist at 216.443.3731 or send an email.

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