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The District's educator has worksheets, education materials and teacher guides available for classrooms in Cuyahoga County. Items include Early Education Worksheets and the Mission: Recycle Newspaper for students in grades 3-4.


Students learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle correctly in Cuyahoga County. This newspaper is intended for grades 3-4. A teacher guide is included.

Request copies of the second edition of Mission: Recycle Newspaper + Teacher Guide for your classroom by contacting Kathy Rocco.

The first edition of the Mission: Recycle Newspaper was published in 2016. See the PDF.


Early educators teach the youngest recyclers. The Solid Waste District offers a series of early education worksheets that allow kids to practice motor skills, math, language, and thinking skills while focusing on the sustainable material management known as reduce, reuse and recycle.

Working with other early educators, the District created a series of worksheets to use in the classroom. Consider using the worksheets with lessons, during free time, or as extras during bell work. If time is limited during school or daycare, consider sending the worksheets home with students. 

By using the worksheets during a child's early education years, parents and educators can pass along good environmental habits like reducing waste through using less, reusing, recycling and composting. 

Feedback is welcome! Tell us if you like the worksheets and how you will use them in your education program.

Compost worksheets
4 pages, view the PDF.

Recycle worksheets
6 pages, view the PDF.

Reduce worksheets
3 pages, view the PDF.

Reuse worksheets

5 pages, view the PDF.

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