Computer Recycling Program

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Many of the 59 communities in Cuyahoga County offer year-round collection and recycling of computer equipment to their residents. Some hold seasonal collection events, typically in the spring or fall. Find details for your community.

Equipment that can be recycled via this program includes desktops, towers, laptops, monitors, keyboards and peripherals, printers, modems, tablets, e-readers, telecom devices, networking equipment, cables, cell phones and video game systems.
Televisions are not accepted in the computer recycling program. TVs are very difficult and expensive to recycle. You can pay a fee to recycle your TV via a private e-waste recycler or special collection event. Learn more.

See the video about recycling computers and electronics.

Computer equipment can also be delivered to RET3 job corp., a nonprofit computer recycler located on the east side of Cleveland. RET3 job corp. is located at 1814 East 40 Street. Drop-off hours are Monday through Friday at the rear of the building from 8:00-3:00. Contact RET3 job corp. at (216) 361-9991.

televisions & other electronics

What about televisions and other electronics?

While there is no ban in Ohio on placing televisions and electronics in the regular trash, there are retailers and local companies that offer recycling services for these items. A fee is usually charged for televisions. See details.

RET3 job corp. does not accept televisions due to the rising cost of processing. If televisions are delivered to RET3 by chance, the company will assess a charge of $1.00 per diagonal inch of the television tube.

Best Buy stores will recycle tube TVs (up to 32"), flat screen TVs (up to 50"), and portable TVs for a small fee. 
Many other types of electronics equipment are recycled for free. For a full list of items, see Best Buy's website.

Staples stores will recycle old office technology at no charge. Visit 
Staples for more information. 

What will happen to the computers that are collected?
Computers turned in during a municipal computer recycling event will be recycled by RET3 job corp., a nonprofit computer recycler located on the east side of Cleveland. RET3 job corp. works to give students technology skills for the workplace and, in turn, drive economic development in the region. RET3 job corp. has a goal of putting 50,000 computers in Northeast Ohio schools over the next five years.

What will happen to the data on my computer?
All computer hard drives received by RET3 are erased of all data using U.S. Department of Defense specifications. This secure system eradicates all the information stored on your computer and protects your confidentiality. After the hard drive is cleaned, usable computer systems are remanufactured. Unrepairable equipment is completely deconstructed. If your donation does not meet school specifications, RET3 job corp. will recycle the equipment in a process that is fully compliant with EPA standards and offers a 100% no-landfill guarantee. Raw materials are sold, and profits benefit RET3 job corp.

Is there a way to clean the hard drive on my own?
Consider using a free hard disk eraser software such as KillDisk. Other options are available on the web. Please do not remove the hard drive since that makes it more costly to refurbish the computer.

I am a business with computers I need to get rid of. What can I do with my old equipment?
Businesses with computers to recycle should contact RET3 for pick-up and drop-off requirements. Call (216) 361-9991. A list of other local computer recyclers can also be found in our online Recycling Directory for Business & Industry.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. RET3 job corp. is a nonprofit 501c3 and the District will provide a tax receipt for your donation. To obtain a receipt, call the Solid Waste District at (216) 443-3749 or send an email. Please provide your name and mailing address. A receipt will be mailed to you.

The District and RET3 will not determine the value of your donation. To learn more about putting a value to your donation, speak with your tax advisor or visit the IRS website (Publication #561 or Publication #526). You can also call the Cleveland IRS office at (216) 415-3442.

I'm not a resident of Cuyahoga County. What can I do?
Other local Solid Waste Districts hold free collection events for their residents. Contact your county for information about events going on throughout the year.

 Geauga/Trumbull County   (330) 675-2673 
 Lake County  (440) 350-2644
 Lorain County  (440) 329-5440
 Medina County  (330) 769-0289
 Portage County  (330) 678-8808
 Summit County  (330) 374-0383

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