Do not include clothing and fabric in your curbside recycling. Cloth is a tangler that will tie up the sorting equipment at the recycling facility.

Donate usable clothing, fabric and other textiles to a charitable organization. Good, usable clothing can be dropped off at a collection bin or store that is operated by local charities. For local donation opportunities, see the list below or request a copy of the book Pass It On: A Resource-Full Guide to Donating Usable Stuff.

H&M has a garment-recycling initiative that allows customers to exchange any used garments, from any brand, in any condition, at every H&M store. For each bag of clothing donated, customers will receive a voucher worth 15% off of their next purchased item.

Zappos has a Blue Jeans Goes Green demin recycling program. See details about the mailback program.

Nike offers the Reuse-A-Shoe program. The company collects old, worn-out athletic shoes for recycling and transforms them into Nike Grind, a material used in creating athletic and playground surfaces as well as select Nike products. See a list of drop-off locations.

Teva accepts and recycles Teva brand sandals and flip-flops through the Terracycle's TevaForever mailback program. See details

Simple Recycling accepts textiles and cloth for recycling, including unusable clothing. Call (866) 835-5068. 

Donation Locations