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The District’s Education Specialist has many resources available for teachers, educators and youth leaders.

Classroom Presentations
The District’s Education Specialist can come into your classroom to teach about the environment. Classroom presentations are designed to meet science indicators and may also integrate social studies, mathematics and language arts. Longer presentations are hands-on and shorter ones may include a worksheet, story, craft or game.

Lesson Plans & Activities
Looking for lesson plans? We have lesson plans for Composting, Litter Prevention, Municipal Solid Waste, Pollution: Human Impact on the Environment, and Recycling. The lessons have been adapted from:
* Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Sandra Ford Grove and Dr. Judi Hecktman Creative Teaching Press, 1996.
* Super Savers Investigators, ODNR, DRLP, 1995. 
* Investigating Solid Waste Issues, David Landis ODNR, DRLP, 1994.
* Keep Middletown Beautiful, Activity Guide Pre-K to 3 grade, Lynn Getter, 2000.

Professional Development
Hands-on interdisciplinary workshops, seminars, conference sessions and presentations are available for teachers, youth leaders and non-formal educators. Most workshops are held at no cost to the participant. See more about professional development.

Recycling Education Resources Newsletter
Our educator issues a quarterly Recycling Education Resources newsletter about recycling education, environmental-based contests and sustainable projects happening in Northeast Ohio and Cuyahoga County. 

Links for Teachers
Websites of interest featuring reduce, reuse, recycle and other topics for educators.


Environmental Resources

* Teacher resource page or kit available.

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